Heart Healing with Cacao | One-on-One Mentoring


The open heart is the gateway to knowing yourself.

To open, is to feel, to express, to experience how expansive we are. 

When our hearts are closed, we are living behind walls that keep us from feeling freedom, unconditional love, and true pleasure. A version of ourselves that is not authentic.

Cacao is a beautiful plant aid that opens the heart to allow energetic and emotional cleansing and purification.

Our hearts know the way to what is in highest alignment for us.

Learn to move through your life with more openness. 


Together, we will explore:

  • Working with ceremonial cacao in ritual for heart nourishment and as a catalyst for you to do the inner work to support your personal healing

  • Emotional healing: emotional awareness and emotional release

  • What it means and looks like to live your life with an open heart

  • Understanding how to embrace uncomfortable/difficult situations, patterns, and emotions

  • Rituals and practices for spiritual support and growth

You'll walk away with:

  • A self-care plan that is specific to your needs and lifestyle

  • Deeper connection to your heart and desires

  • Greater self-love and self-acceptance

  • The tools for creating a personal practice with cacao medicine

  • More ease and empowerement in processing emotions, receiving love, and expressing love



4-month package includes:

  • Eight 90 minute sessions (in-person or virtual) - starting each session with cacao ceremony and then moving into mentoring/coaching/energy healing

  • Access to me and accountability via email or Voxer in between sessions

  • 1 pound ceremonial cacao from Guatemala

  • Personalized rituals, meditations, intuitive guidance, and practices that will support your healing

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