Photo by  Julia Corbett

Giovanna Garcia

Holistic nourishment & emotional healing Mentor. Food Alchemist. Cacao Medicine Ceremonialist.

I support women with embodying their authentic expression to return to their innate divinity and health.

Dance, poetry, and creating sensual food and sacred experiences are my favorite forms of self-expression.

I believe that the more we become aware of our limiting ways, the easier it is to overcome them and in result, become more free.

My motivation for the healing work I do is that every woman get to fully experience their open heart, their Soul, and their inner beauty so that they can live a life that truly matters to them. A life filled with joy, beauty, and love.


My Story

Nourishment has not been easy for me my whole life. My mother did an excellent job at feeding me home-cooked meals almost always, but as a teenager, I followed what everyone else was doing and diverted to Sprite and Cheetos for lunch. This continued throughout high school and fast food became a more regular thing for me (except at home). My preferences changed and I even started to resent my mom for putting vegetables on my plate.

I became much more health aware once college came around as I was guided into a nutrition degree. What happened though is that I became really obsessed and scared of food. I wasn’t into fast food as much anymore but was in a destructive disordered eating cycle - I would underfeed(restrict) myself and then overfeed(binge) myself. I fought with food and my body for years and years. I had dry skin, dry hair, and poor vitality. I was sick all the time and truthfully unhappy and depressed. 

I realized one day that I was not actually healthy even if I was counting my calories, working out twice a day, weighing myself daily, and eating low fat cheese and whole wheat bread. I was really thin to the point where my 00 pants were sliding off my hips. Mind you, I had a ‘toned’ stomach and that made me proud.

I became aware that my unhealthy food and fitness patterns were much deeper. I was harming myself to cover up my emotional pain and lack of self-acceptance.

Out of a desire to heal myself mentally and physically, I left the clinical nutrition world and submerged myself in the holistic health world. It started with holistic culinary school and before I knew it I had entered a whole new adventure of holistic healing modalities.

This holistic approach to health showed me that I didn't only want to return to a healthy body weight and mind, but I discovered that I wasn't living life fully. I was suppressing who I was in order to become who others wanted me to be. 

Whole foods, herbalism, spirituality, cacao, emotional awareness, singing, intuitive dance, and many more practices have all been part of my journey to healing my relationship to food, my body, and my Self.

Discovering my self-expression and connecting with my inner wild woman has been a scary and beautiful path that has lead to a lot of freedom and pleasure. 

I am honored to share these tools with women who need the same healing. Who have tried everything to be at peace with themselves but have not found their unique ways to nourish themselves on all levels.



Bachelor's Degree in Nutritional Sciences, University of Arizona
Natural Chef Certification, Bauman College
Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training, Mexico
Energy Healing, Luminous Awareness (currently in program)

My healing journey has also inspired me to birth these other two passion businesses that support many on their own path to health and self-discovery.


Photography by Regina Felice