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Love transforms us into something we cannot see yet. We must let the heart break open to know it.

Awakening hearts as she touches them, cacao inspires us deeply to let joy shine through the cracks of heart break. It permissions the light in us to expand and be able to experience that all that we feel can be loved. She is a gentle teacher.

In Awake Heart, we will work closely with cacao medicine to explore the heart space, what it feels and looks like to live with an open heart, what boundaries your heart actually needs in order to open fully, and how to practice really loving all parts of yourself and life. 

This intimate circle, facilitated by Giovanna, will provide the space and tools to access deeper vulnerability and intuition, emotional healing, ownership of yourself and your life path, and being supported by healthy sisterhood. By gathering close to every full moon and new moon for 6 months, we sync with the rhythms of the moon, with our own inner phases and cycles (menstrual), and with each other to create a space of safety and beautiful growth.


Circle Details

Six month container (November 2019 - April, 2020)

One Cacao Ceremony per month in Mill Valley, CA

One group video call per month


What’s Included

How to prepare your own ceremonial cacao drink and personal practice at home

Sisterhood - a safe and intimate container to be witnessed and supported (at scheduled meeting times and also in-between via private group chat)

Weekly prompts to connect deeper to your heart

1 pound of Guatemalan ceremonial cacao

Investment: $700 Pay-in-full OR Payment plan of $130 per month for 6 months

Let’s journey into the heart together!

(space is limited to 9 womxn)

more about Cacao Medicine

Cacao, the main ingredient in chocolate, is a plant medicine of the heart. It is a great facilitator to go within and unlock our heart space, awaken our senses, and do our inner healing work. It's a beautiful gift to ourselves to take time for this mindful and sacred space to amplify the expression of our intentions and transformation. 

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Benefits of ceremonial cacao:

  • Opens the heart space (heart chakra & heart medicine)

  • Access to higher energies - love, joy, connection

  • Offers greater perspective on situations in our life to facilitate doing the inner work - moving through limiting beliefs, fears, blocks, suppressed emotions

  • Heightens emotional awareness and release

  • Relaxation, clarity, and inspiration

  • A great meditation guide towards our true Self

Giovanna spoke and sang directly into my heart. She embodies a spiritual understanding of the earth and shares her wisdom with love and ease. Thank you for guiding us so lovingly into ourselves! With the help of cacao, I felt a sense of openness and compassion towards myself and others. I felt a powerful connection with the others in our circle, which amplified the experience. For me this was a ritual towards self-realization, building the blocks towards a society living in Love. Can’t wait to meet together again.
— Sasha L.

Video & Photography by Regina Felice