Cacao Medicine

Cacao, the main ingredient in chocolate, is a plant medicine of the heart. It is a great facilitator to go within and unlock our heart space, awaken our senses, and do our inner healing work. It's a beautiful gift to ourselves to take time for this mindful and sacred space to amplify the expression of our intentions and transformation. 

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Benefits of ceremonial cacao:

  • Opens the heart space (heart chakra & heart medicine)
  • Access to higher energies - love, joy, connection
  • Offers greater perspective on situations in our life to facilitate doing the inner work - moving through limiting beliefs, fears, blocks, suppressed emotions
  • Heightens emotional awareness and release 
  • Relaxation, clarity, and inspiration
  • A great meditation guide towards our true Self


    At a cacao ceremony, we gather in circle, drink a warm cup of organic ceremonial cacao, and journey through medicine songs and guided meditation.

    I travel to share cacao ceremony at retreats and special events. 

    One-on-one and group cacao offerings available. 

    Schedule a free exploration call to learn more about Heart healing with cacao Mentoring and private cacao ceremonies.

    Giovanna spoke and sang directly into my heart. She embodies a spiritual understanding of the earth and shares her wisdom with love and ease. Thank you for guiding us so lovingly into ourselves! With the help of cacao, I felt a sense of openness and compassion towards myself and others. Although it was online, I felt a powerful connection with the others in our circle, which amplified the experience. For me this was a ritual towards self-realization, building the blocks towards a society living in Love. Can’t wait to meet together again.
    — Sasha L.

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    Video & Photography by Regina Felice